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I am a native of Aberden, North Carolina. My father was a golf professional here in Aberden, at The Country Club of North Carolina, from 1963 until his retirement in 1991. I have been practicing real estate law and business law here since 1994.

My firm assists with the purchase and sale of real estate, including negotiating and drafting purchase agreements and other documents, ensuring good title and closings. As a residential real estate attorney, I help home buyers take preventive steps toward protecting their investments. These steps include land surveys and home inspections.

My real estate practice has grown to the point at which I am involved in several hundred closings per year. My continuing goal is to make every aspect of every client's closing completely satisfactory. I have taken the following measures to reach this goal. First, I have employed and trained a courteous, professional and diligent staff. This allows clients, realtors and lenders to provide information and to get their questions answered promptly, even when I am out of the office or on another call. Second, I have equipped this office with high-quality systems. This enables us to provide cost-effective, client-oriented services.

My fee, which I disclose to clients prior to the commencement of my representation, is based on the type and location of the property. If the transaction is a purchase, my fee is also based on the purchase price and on whether a mortgage loan is involved.

Dedication to quality, understanding of the law, trust, and respect are the foundation for my firm's long-standing relationship with clients and our community.

I invite you to contact this office in connection with your real estate closing. I am confident that my staff and I will be able to provide the fine service to which you are entitled.

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